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Thanks to the vision of FCICA members beginning in

                   1986, the Floor Covering Installation Board led the

                        industry to certifying installation contractors.

                      The FCIB Contractor Certification program and

                         its Ten Point Plan for Installation Excellence

                  was endorsed by the FCICA in 1997 along with the

                                       Carpet and Rug Institute.

                        The Ten Point Plan established the foundation

                         of professionalism and business success for

                                      today’s flooring contractor.

                  Thanks to Kim Oderkirk and the FCICA for their part

                           in administering this important program!

                                        - Dave Stafford

                                               Former FCIB Chairman
                                               Honorary Lifetime FCICA Member

                                                                         The Flooring Contractor Magazine       Special Edition 2020    9
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