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                he Floor Covering Installation Board (FCIB) was the
                organization that led the industry in the certification
                of qualified, accountable and insured installation
        Tcontractors. It was established as a trust under FCICA
        in 1986 under Dave Merkling’s Chairman term and then in 1992
        became its own entity.
          The main premise of Contractor Certification was that
        maximum accountability lies with the business entity that is
        responsible for the performance of the installer and the ultimate
        quality of the installation. This held true for the self-employed
        independent contractor and the largest installation contracting
        firm alike. The FCIB Certification program capitalized on this
        concept by providing a means by which bona fide independent
        contractors and installation firms could be identified and
        rewarded for their commitment to their profession and our
          The six trustees were made up of three representatives from      personnel with at least five years’ experience in the
        FCICA, two from Carpet Manufacturers and one from the design/     supervision of floor covering installations
        specifier side.                                        6.  Coordinate all on-site activities with the owner, end-
                                                                   user, design professional and general contractor
          Trustees of FCIB over the years included:            7.   Guarantee the workmanship of the installation of floor
             •  Bill Becker                                        covering products they install for a minimum of two (2)
             •  Harold Chapman                                     years
             •  Sim Crisler – Chairman 1994-1999)              8.  Participate in continuing education for the
             •  Pat Davidson                                       improvement of skills through installer training
             •  Jim Keener (Chairman 1991-1993)                    or apprenticeship programs in compliance with
             •  Mike Little                                        industry standards; and provide documentation thereof.
             •  Leif Narvesen – (Chairman 1986-1990)           9.   Remain fiduciarily responsible for the quality
             •  Dave Stafford – (Chairman 1999-2005)               of work  performed and the fulfillment of
             •  Dave Sutton                                        contractual obligations.
             •  Dewey Taylor                                   10.  Participate in the Performance Assessment Review
                                                                   (PAR) program.
          Administrative staff included:                      (From the records of 1997)
             •  Ron Van Gelderen (1986-1994)                  The FCICA endorsed the FCIB Contractor Certification
             •  Gary Kenworthy (1994-2000)                  program and its staff administered the program.  It was also
             •  Kimberly Oderkirk (2000-2005)               endorsed by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). It was the goal
                                                            of all organizations to promote the interests and welfare of the
          The Ten Point Plan for Installation Excellence (developed   floor covering industry by providing a national network of bona
        in 1997 and updated the original characteristics of an FCIB   fide installation contractors of all sizes and capabilities that could
        contractor)                                         be identified, certified and accountable for the performance of
            1.   Perform installations in accordance with       quality floor covering installation.
               manufacturer’s instructions. Install carpet in      Specification of the FCIB Program was implemented by the
               compliance with the industry standards, CRI-104    General Services Administration, the DuPont Approved Flooring
               and CRI-105                                  Contractor Program, the LDS Church and as time went on, a
            2.  Comply with federal, state and local regulations and    growing number of manufacturers. This specification required
               ordinances and possess the required business insurance  FCIB certification to bid projects. Regrettably, despite numerous
                           3.  Bid only on contracts that fall    membership drives and industry support, the total number
                              within the parameters of       of FCIB Certified firms remained small – less than 75 total
                              their ability to underwrite     members concentrated on the east and west coasts. This made it
                              and perform.                  challenging to enforce the requirement for FCIB certification and
                           4.  Provide accurate estimates complete    was the ultimate reason that FCIB certification never gained any
                              with all inclusions and exclusions.  real traction in the industry.
                           5.  Provide experienced and skilled    While the FCIB was not able to survive and was dissolved in
                              installers under the direction    2005, the ten points listed above should still be the goal of what
                              of on-site management or operations    every flooring contracting company strives for.   

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