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            n June 1982, ten flooring leaders decided that a change   business conditions in the business of installing floor coverings
            needed to happen in the flooring industry. They decided   and the manufacturing, distributing and supplying of materials
            to form a nonprofit corporation with the objective to   and services to the floor covering industry.” The corporation
        I“act as trade association for all persons, partnerships   was then registered at 310 Holiday Ave, Dalton, Georgia (the
        and corporations who are engaged in the installation of   then current address of the Carpet and Rug Institute – CRI)
        floor coverings, and who are engaged in the manufacturing,   and the initial registered agent and administrator was Ron Van
        distribution and supply of materials and services to the floor   Gelderen, who later would be FCICA’s keynote speaker at the
        covering industry and to promote the common business interests   25th Anniversary Gala.
        of such persons, partnerships and corporations as well as to   The initial nine Board of Directors consisted of:
        promote improvements of business condition in said lines of   •   G. Fred Acton, Birmingham, AL
        business.” The vision of the corporation was to “improve of   •   Erwin Bergquist, Woodland Hills, CA
                                                               •   Luzerne DeGroodt, San Diego, CA
                                                               •   Jim McAbee, Greenville, SC
                                                               •   Tor Meberg, Briarcliff, NY
                                                               •   David Merkling, Bartlett, IL
                                                               •   J. Kenneth Tveter, New City, NY
                                                               •   Kenneth Winschel, Florissant, MO
                                                               •   Raymond Zankoski, Westminster, CO

                                                              As you can see, even then the initial Board of Directors had
                                                            the vision for FCICA and represented the country, an ideal that
                                                            still holds true today and yes, one of our founders, Fred Acton,
                                                            remains an active member of our association today. 

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