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A letter from Kim Oderkirk,

                             Executive Vice President

          It is with a heavy heart that my staff and I have to say goodbye to our FCICA family and friends. As of July 1, 2020, the
        Board of Directors have decided that a staffing change is needed and have gone forward and hired a new association man-
        agement company to lead FCICA into the future.
          In this special edition of The Flooring Contractor magazine, my staff and I have put together this showcase of FCICA
        through the years as a reminder of where FCICA started, from some early year events and then the accomplishments and
        places we have visited and enjoyed in the last 21 years while I have served as Executive Vice President.
          I hope you enjoy revisiting these amazing events, seeing old and new friends and reminiscing with me of the great times
        we have had.
          I wish you all the best for tremendous continued success in the future to all the FCICA members and many whom I con-
        sider great friends, please stay in touch.
          After July 1st you can reach me at where I will take Association Services on a new adventure,
        creating stellar events.
                                                                         - Kimberly E. Oderkirk

                        Jim Oderkirk, Sarah Fike, Kimberly Oderkirk, Shalynn Rangel and Kim Jung
                                     Photo used with the permission of Floor Covering Weekly

       NOTE: It is not unusual for members to move from one company to another. Company mentions are at the time the member worked
       with that company and may not be their current employer.
                                                                         The Flooring Contractor Magazine       Special Edition 2020    3
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